Operation:S.A.V.E.S. What are you waiting for?

Welcome to the Teens Next Door!!!

"Kids Next Door RULES!" ~ Numbuh 362

Remember Codename: Kids Next Door, the best show ever? We here at Teens Next Door Wikia, are here to start it up again! Join me, Numbuh 9.99909, and Numbuh 539 in Operation: S.A.V.E.S! Save A Very Entertaining Show! We need your best: Fanart, Fanfics, Cosplays, Act-Outs, Videos, Songs; anything to show you are still true to KND!!! When Mr. Warburton sees this, hopefully he'll realize how many fans there still are.

Why is this "Teens Next Door" instead of "KIDS Next Door"? Because, sadly, most of us, the original fans, are now too old. I myself, am turning 13 in two weeks.

What are you waiting for?

Over and Out,

~Numbuh 9.99909

A Word From Numbuh 539Edit

What's up, KND fans? I'm Numbuh 539, co-creator of the TND.

If you'd like to get in on Operation S.A.V.E.S., the first thing you gotta do is become an operative. Sign up for Wikia and fill in your userpage. Tell the world how much you love KND, and how much you wanna save it. Also list your numbuh on your page, if it isn't your username.

The next thing to do depends on you own personal talents, and is the most fun. There's plenty you can do!

ASPIRING ARTISTS: draw KND fan art, sculpt some characters in clay and other materials, create statues and elaborate sculptures, use your imagination! Some artists like to keep their artwork here, so it's organized.

WRITERS: write some fan fiction (stories about KND). Short stories, long stories, stories that have a big message, stories just for fun. Write a couple poems about a specific character(s), on the KND as an organization, etc. You can keep your stories organized here.

SELF-PROCLAIMED ACTORS AND ACTRESSES: get together with some friends and cosplay some characters. Act out an episode/a scene from an episode. Make your own adventures and act them out. YouTube is a great place to keep your videos together.

MUSICIANS AND SINGERS: write a song about the KND for any instrument(s) you want. record someone singing your songs, or yourself singing them. Tape yourself playing your song and post it here. You can keep any videos you made together on YouTube..

RANDOM KIDS OFF THE STREET/THOSE WHO THINK THEY HAVE NO TALENT WHATSOEVER: you know you've got talent, you just haven't found it yet! write some letters to Tom Warburton and post them here. tell him how much you miss KND, how big a fan you are, who your fave characters are, etc.

The last step is extrememly important. Go on any website you usually use (DeviantART, Fan Fiction, YouTube, MySpace, Twitter, FaceBook, ANYTHING) and post our cause to the world. The more supporters, the better, so post it often!

Stumped on what to write? You can use the following message for this:


It's been years since KND has aired Operation INTERVIEWS, the final episode of the series. We all want that series back, and Numbuh 9.99909 and Numbuh 539 have a plan to do just that.

We need EVERYONE - operative, artist, writer, self-proclaimed actors/actresses and musicians, random kids off the street - to take part in Operation SAVES.

Saving A Very Entertaining Show

Draw the best KND fan art you've ever drawn. Write the best KND fan fiction you've ever written. Act out a KND episode with some friends and post it on YouTube. Create a song about KND. And send emails and letters to the mastermind behind KND, Tom Warburton ( If you find that this email is unreliable, please tell us immediatly so we can change it).

If we can send enough of our hard work to him, maybe, just maybe, he'll consider continuing the series!

Send everything and anything you can to the Teens Next Door wiki

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! Post this wherever you can and spread the word!


- insert your name/numbuh here - Gwens gal-Numbuh 519

So sign up, send in, and spread out! It's your duty, soldiers!

Stay Young, Have Fun

~Numbuh 539

Latest activityEdit

I know there hasn't been alot of activity on here lately, but I am gonna spread the word to everybody, and I DO mean every body, on