Teens Next Door Missio

Operation S.A.V.E.S.






WHO: Kids and teens like you and I who have loved Kids Next Door since its start back in 2001

WHAT: The name of The Teens Next Door mission

WHERE: This website and everywhere else we can get supporters

WHEN: Starting May 22nd 2010, until we reach our goal

WHY: To get Tom Warburton to return to Kids Next Door and continue the KND series.

HOW: By contributing and collecting KND fan art, fan fiction, videos, user-made songs, and other related things and posting it here for the Teens Next Door. We will get Tom Warburton's attention towards the site so he can see all of our hard work.

If our mission is successful, the Kids Next Door as a cartoon series will continue on for new seasons, and perhaps stay on for many generations to come.

So what are you waiting for?! Submit any KND related work you have to the TND wiki!

~Numbuh 539