Samantha 'Sami' Puntnou

Numbuh 9.99909 and Numbuh 4

Age: 14
Status: Active.
Family: Numbuh Moo, Numbuh 104
Love Interests: None
Height/Weight: 5'1, 99.99909 lbs.
Sector(s) KND: Sector NY, TND: VPAC
Occupation: (TND Operative) Leader of Sector VPAC

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Before The KND:Edit

Sami was just 6 1/2 years old when she met a boy across the street. A boy who turned out to be Numbuh 9, who was in NY visiting his Great Aunt Jeanine. He saw the determination she had in her and showed her the wonderous world of the Kids Next Door. Sami trained for months, fighting harder everyday until it was finally graduation day. She was dubbed Numbuh 9.99909 after her hero.

During The KNDEdit

Numbuh 9.99909 was sent to sector NY in New York. Her fellow operatives were Numbuh 105, Numbuh 104, Numbuh 234 and Numbuh 2-Cool. Her prime enemies were Potty Mouth, The Common Cold, and the Toilenator. She was second in comand and in charge of combat. Even if she was mostly serious, she occasionally lightened up to people. Her best friend in the sector was Numbuh 105, the medics specialist of sector NY. During her time as an operative, she broke two training records and and a CAKE record, getting the delcious cupcakes from the Scarely Sweet Sisters from Above the Stream. One day, while training in the treehouses gym, she was called up to Moonbase. It was 105, her best friend's, 13th birthday. From that day on, she swore she would find a way for Teens and Kids to work together.

REAL NAME: Samantha "Sami" Puntnou.

AGE: 14

OCCUPATION: TND Co-creator, TND Co-Soopreme Leader/Operative



SECTOR: Previously in sector NY in New York

FAMILY: Numbuh 104, Numbuh Moo

KND/TND INVOLVEMENT: Numbuh 9.99909 chose her Numbuh after her KND hero, Numbuh 9. She has been in the KND since age 6 1/2. On her decommissioning day, she faked be decommisioned, as 86 knew about her idea for the Teens Next Door. After that she met with Numbuh 539 and created the Teens Next Door. They are currently recruiting past KND operatives for their cause.