REAL NAME: Alexandra "Lexi" Hantell
Wallpaper - Numbah 539 Lexi Hantell

Numbuh 539

AGE: 15

OCCUPATION: TND co-creator; KND Spy

HOMETOWN: Houston, Texas

CURRENTLY RESIDES IN: Seattle, Washington

SECTOR: Previously in Sector T located in Texas

FAMILY: Numbuh 77 (Allai)* - younger sister

KND/TND INVOLVEMENT: Numbuh 539 has been in the KND since age 7. On her decommissioning day, she was informed she would be allowed to keep her memory and work as a Teen Spy for the KND. Shortly after, she and Numbuh 9.99909 created the Teens Next Door. They are currently recruiting past KND operatives for their cause.

  • Note that this character is one of my OC's